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Global Health Cancer Research and Education in Radiotherapy (CaReER) (Career1819)

The global health CaReER certificate program is offered by the Harvard Global Health Catalyst win-win initiative, University of Pennsylvania (Radiation Oncology), in partnership with faculty at the University of Heidelberg (Medical Faculty Mannheim), Oxford University UK, University of Massachusetts, and distinguished experts across the world including from the diaspora, and low and middle income countries (LMICs) in Africa, South America and Asia. The goal of the course is to build capacity and provide continuous medical education for LMICs oncology health professionals and researchers. The 2018/2019 course is a result of survey/needs assessment of oncology health professionals in different African countries over the past years, and experience from a DAAD-funded program in Bangladesh. It will be continuously updated in the next years based on feedback/needs of LMICs oncology health professionals.

Broad Objective: To enhance Clinical Oncology Care and Research skills

Specific Objectives
1. To improve clinical Oncology skills to provide quality safe and better value radiotherapy care for patients in LMICs
2. To improve research skills in clinical trials, implementation research and development of new low cost- effective radiotherapy technologies
3. To learn how to use advanced information and communications technologies (ICTs) as well as artificial intelligence in cancer care research and education
4. To prepare candidates for global health careers and collaboration in global oncology care research and education

Online training offered will provide focused high impact continuous medical education with CMEs as well as global health CaReER certificates. Training/lectures will be by leading faculty from the world’s best institutions and leading/retired clinical oncology faculty from LMICs, and across the world.
  • Syllabus
  • Lecture of September 8, 2018: Introduction to better value clinical oncology
  • Sept 15th: Introduction to Medical Physics (Prof. Stephen Avery)
  • September 15th: Breast Radiotherapy (Dr. Onyiye Balogun)
  • RT of breast cancer: Tx Planning/Contouring and Plan Evaluation by Balogun Onyi
  • Join the Global Health CaReER course Series 1 (RO) as scheduled with this link
  • Join the Global Health CaReER course series 2 (Medical Physics) with this link
  • Lecture september 22.pdf
  • Global Health Career Course Series 3 (Research and Grants) link
  • Publishing in 'Science Journal' Dr. Gemma Alderton
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed